Arctic Frontier Group. Shield with Russian flag and double-headed eagle.

In December, 1993, with the formation of SNG and beginning of rearrangement of the frontier borders of Russian Federation, an Executive-Army Department (OVO) was created. It was located in Murmansk. In August 23, 1994, based on OVO - the Arctic Group of Frontier Forces was organized. This new structure included frontier areas of the Vorkuta and Archangelsk Garrisons, and also frontier detachments, squadrons and troops located in Kolsky Peninsula. In 1998 the Arctic Frontier Group, was reorganized into the Arctic Regional Administration of the Federal Frontier Forces of the Russian Federation. In 2003, the Arctic Regional Group changed its name to Arctic Regional Frontier Administration of FSB RF. Nowadays, Arctic Regional Frontier Administration guards the border of the Russian Federation with Finland, Norway and the Arctic Seaboard of Russian Federation.

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