Soviet nuclear submarine Omsk of Northern fleet.

K-186 Omsk, "Oscar II" class submarine of the Northern Fleet. The K-141 Kursk was the sixth submarine of the Antey class built. Other submarines of this class include: K-148 "Krasnodar", K-119 "Voronezh", K-410 "Smolensk", K-226 "Orel", K-186 "Omsk", K-132 "Belgorod", K-173 "Chelyabinsk", K-442 "Tomsk", K-456 "Kasatka." The last four submarines are assigned to the Pacific Fleet. Antey class submarines are 154 meters long and up to 18.2 meters wide. The maximum depth is around 500 meters and the top speed is 28 knots while submerged. The submarine is designed to be capable for up to 120 days of autonomous operation. The Antey class submarines are powered by the OK-650 nuclear power system based on two 190-MW reactors driving two shafts, each developing up to 50,000 hp. The submarine is armed with 24 "Ametist" antiship missile launchers, 4 533-mm torpedo launchers. The missiles and torpedoes can carry nuclear warheads. The primary role of the Antey class submarines is to attack enemy carrier battle groups....learn more (auto-translated)

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